‘Splattered Beauty’ by Brandon Ford — Book Trailer

Tim Ritter, legendary cult filmmaker behind such classics as TRUTH OR DARE?: A CRITICAL MADNESS, KILLING SPREE, CREEP, and RECONCILED THROUGH THE CHRIST, has created this unique and innovative trailer to coincide with the release of SPLATTERED BEAUTY, a new horror suspense novel by Brandon Ford (author of CRYSTAL BAY). SPLATTERED BEAUTY is the story of Alyssa Peyton, an actress in low-budget horror films, known by her adoring fans as one of the industry’s top Scream Queens. Now that her producer/director husband, Peter, has left her for a younger, more attractive actress, Alyssa finds herself out of work. Fueled by rage and anger, she begins a self-destructive pattern of substance and alcohol abuse. That is when she meets Taryn, a devoted fan who will do anything for her. Together, they embark on a murderous rampage, leaving behind a trail of mutilated bodies, all in the name of some twisted form of retribution. It is up to an aging detective to put a stop to the madness. www.myspace.com/writerbrandonford
Video Rating: 5 / 5

CONCERT FOR EDUCATION SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 AYUYANG I work with a non-government organization on adult and community education. I started in music since high school back in the early 80s as a choir member. Was involved with a short lived band as a rhythm guitar and vocalist in FEU during my college days. My current band haliparot came out of our program for out of school youths on alternative learning system. The band members were part of our program as students of our alternative learning system for out of school youth in Baguio city. They were all students of our music class and all of whom were formerly juvenile delinquents. All of them have already passed the accreditation and equivalency program admistered by the department of education (dep-ed) and two are already taking up college education through scholarship grants. The idea to take the band seriously was taken as a part of our advocacy to out of school youths and even in-school youths who are very much engaged in music bands yet ignore their academic studies and worse some even get to the point of engaging in drugs, substance and alcohol abuse. Youths are very much drawn to music, as such, making this as a means to get through with them and eventually influence them to be better persons. Likewise, the purpose is to develop the musical potentials of out of school youths especially those from poor families and provide a venue to express this out in an artistic yet productive manner. My strongest motivation is that I