Signs of an Alcohol Problem: Have My Rights Been Violated?

Question by : Have my rights been violated?
I am a single mother of two and work for a retail jewelry chain in CA where I was accused of a drinking problem. I was not intoxicated, nor did I have alcohol on the premises, nor was I asked to leave work. I was told I have to speak to a psychologist and sign papers stating I could be fired if I did not finish the necessary steps to fix this “problem”. The psychologist stated, in a signed letter, that I do not have an alcohol problem. He did say that I am going through a lot of stress and it would be helpful if I talked to someone to relieve this stress. My sales numbers have been within the top three sales persons since I was hired. This morning when I went to clock in my manager notified me that I am suspended until further notice for not completing the steps to fix this problem. Isn’t this illegal to make me see a psychologist for an unrelated issue, as well as fraud since I kept my end of the signed papers?
Just got off the phone with the ACLU as well as the CA Labor Board, both of which recommended I seek legal council immediately. After talking with both agencies they both agree I have a case. Thanks for absolutely nothing.

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Answer by roadster9879
get a good lawyer, you can own them, and then you can fire who ever you want. make them eat a mile of manure with a spoon.

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