How to Help a Alcoholic: Stoner WITH “Alcoholic”?

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Hello Yahoo, I just have a simple question…I was wondering what the people of the Internet think of couples/relationships where one person prefers smoking weed and the other would rather consume 3 or more alcoholic beverages per night.. Do you believe a relationship between a stoner and an “alcoholic” would work? (When I say “alcoholic” I don’t mean a full blown addict, just someone who would rather drink than smoke weed). So, The most simple way to ask this is; Do you (the people of the internet) believe a heavy drinker and a pot smoker could have a serious relationship? Keep in mind that the pot smoker has no problem with drinking and the drinker has no issue with smoking weed…

Thank you very much

Side note: I don’t want to read any comments that state that drinking/smoking is wrong…i understand that. I am a parent that has a daughter of 23 that prefers drinking over smoking weed but her boyfriend smokes pot more than 10 times a day…I am just trying to look after her.

-concerned Mother

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Answer by Smells like New Screen Names
Doesn’t work.

Drug addicts and non-addicts often have trouble in relationships, as their priorities are different. When you then combine the takers of two different drugs, who do so on a regular basis, they get even more out of sync.

Alcohol is often an active drug, the drinker gets more manic, more excited. (your daughter really isn’t just a couple of drinks drinker, this is just what she tells you) It draws people who drink to get wild. This is why alcoholics frequently cross over for the up drugs such as cocaine. This is why drinkers frequently dance. Drinkers want to go out, to do things.

Pot smokers smoke to be quiet, to withdraw. They’re looking to get mellow. This is why pot smokers watch tv, play video games and nod out. They want to stay home.

From a sexual standpoint it may work out as drinkers frequently drink to lower their inhibitions, while pot smokers smoke to enhance their own pleasure and slow down the experience.

But for straight out compatibility, different drug preferences spells doom as they have different preferences for past times.

Not that you’ll be able to tell them this or for that matter, not that it’s any of your business.

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