About Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

About Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse will come with some devastating facts that will form a pattern no matter where people live. It is the formation of a pattern that will lead to various detriments that are highlighted below in the facts about it. Where there is abuse of alcohol, people will experience one, two or all of the following happenings in their lives.

• As a result of alcohol abuse, people will suffer injuries that will be physical as they work different machinery. This will also include car accidents that have been notorious not just with causing injuries but claiming lives every single day.

• Failed relationships that have a direct link with alcohol abuse is another fact that will emerge from this habit. The habit will prove hard to break even after relationships have been badly affected.

• Alcohol abuse has been seen to compromise accountability to see people forsake their sense of responsibility. In this regard, home, work or other vital aspects of life will be negatively impacted due to this habit.

• Another fact about alcohol abuse is that the people who abuse will constantly find themselves on the defensive due to causing harm or injuring other people when they are not sober. This may also form a pattern where constant DUIs (driving under influence) are issued. This will penalize people so that they can change.

It is vital however, to differentiate between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The following are facts about alcoholism

• One will not have control over it
• There will be a constant need for the drink
• There will be need to get more of the drink in a bid to go ‘higher’
• Symptoms of withdrawal will be evident when the person does not drink for some time

Alcoholism is a disease; and is in essence extreme while alcohol abuse will be the vehicle that leads to alcoholism or complete dependency.

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