How to Deal With an Alcoholic: How Do I Deal With My Ex Husbands Horrible Mother?

Question by Jessica: How do I deal with my ex husbands horrible mother?
We are divorced, I personally do not want her to ever see my kids at all but I don’t know how to do this. First off she is an alcoholic, she bad mouths me to my children. She makes fun of my physical appearance and calls me a b**** among other things. My 7 year old came home once and started crying because she told him that I did not love him and that he was not aloud to call me mommy in her house that he had to call me by first name! WTF can I do about this? It makes me sick to my stomach .

P.S. My kids are 7 and 2

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Answer by LIPPIE
Tell your ex to please not take the kids there. If he won’t listen then contact your lawyer about the treatment that goes on there. You could have a court order saying she couldn’t be around them.

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