Facts of Alcoholism: I’ve Been Drinking for 15 Days None Stop, What Can I Do?

Question by : I’ve been drinking for 15 days none stop, what can I do?
Well, long story short.. I broke up with my 4 year girlfriend from a very serious relationship, to the point where we wanted to get married this year and we lived together for all the 4 years.

I’ve been feeling like shit and regardless of going out or not, I’ve been drinking for the past 15-16 days.. Beer mostly..

It just helps a lot to just sooth the depression I’ve kind of encountered.. Should I worry about alcoholism at such a short amount of time?

I’ve always drank, even before we broke up, but of course not to this extent.. Before I would probably drink once a week or twice a week, sometimes once every two weeks, it would all vary though.

What do you guys think?

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Answer by Kaitlin
I think your drinking to avoid dealing with it. Best thing for a broken heart is a cleanse. Anything of hers left throw it out and burn all the pictures of you two. I hope you feel better

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