Support Groups for Alcoholics: Is It Appropriate to Attend an AA/NA Group When…?

Question by : Is it appropriate to attend an AA/NA group when…?
a person has never been addicted?

I am a counselor and i work with addicted youth. They go meetings every night – and my coworker wanted me to go to an AA meeting. I personally didnt want to go into the meeting, and when i was sitting in the meeting i felt incredibily uncomfortable…like “i was not allowed to be in there because i am not an alcoholic” (that was my thinking). The chair guy called on me, and I had NO IDEA of what to say! like everyone was expecting me to say “Im J and Im an alcoholic” but im not…never have.

Same thing with NA. I have never been addicted to drugs/alcohol. So…is it appropriate for me to attend these meetings – and if i am, and i do decide to sit in…how do i respond to people who call upon me to speak?

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Yeah you can still go. You can just tell them that you’re going there to support your friend. Those groups are supportive so they’re not going to have a problem with someone going there to support someone else.

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