Is It Mean for a Therapist to Call Their Patient “Junior Violence”?

Question by Katie: Is it Mean for a Therapist to Call Their Patient “Junior Violence”?
I received two citations for underage drinking so I was sentenced to an out-patient rehab program. The rehab counselor called me a b-word and also gave each patient a demeaning nick-name. My nickname was “Junior Violience.” He would put our nick-names on the board and then write reasons why we are alcoholics.

He told me I was “in denial” and kept calling me Junor Violence and laughing.

Aren’t there some guidelines for therapists? The rehab experience just made me depressed and feel like a criminal. I did stop drinking after my second citation and have been sober for 2.5 years.

I just hated being called Junior Violience. What do you think?
I couldn’t leave because it was court mandated and I would go to jail if I left.

He was a “recovering alcoholic” and had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. He said htat he had ADHD and that it was OK for him to swear in meetings because he is Catholic and sees a Priest every week.
Thanks Michele! It was in Michigan and I believe he was a “Certified Alcohol Counselor”. I know that the only degree he had was a BS in Psychology.

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Answer by Jean
Run as fast as you can and away from this crazy therapist.

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