Alcoholics Behavior: Is Susan Smith a Victim of Christian Hypocrisy and the Barbaric State of Mental Health Care in This Country?

Question by raygunaut: is susan smith a victim of christian hypocrisy and the barbaric state of mental health care in this country?
No doubt of her guilt but there were many exigent circumstances that while ignored in her case have helped other women in similar circumstances…rape by a trusted family member( christian pillar of community of a stepfather?)and cries for help that were ignored or downplayed…
what is the true state of mental health care in this country and why is the need for it soo stigmatized that people cannot seek help for fear of social repercussions

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Answer by kittykat
Sorry I do not buy it.. Susan Smith made the choice to murder her innocent, beautiful, helpless little children. She wanted to rid them to be with a man who did not want children.
Susan had choices, she is not the victim here. Mental health care is for people who want to get better and overcome their problems. There is no social repercussions for people who use the system in efforts to improve the quality of their lives and stabilize them.
Many people have been abused, and are not crazy or suffer mental health illnesses.
Susan Smith is a psychopath… She is where she belongs. It is not OK to place blame on the mental health system…. people have choices, She chose to kill her own precious children.

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