Alcohol Addiction Symptoms: How to Quit Drinking and Smoking at a Young Age and What Will Happen to My Body?

Question by y2j: How to quit drinking and smoking at a young age and what will happen to my body?
OK I am 17 years old, and have been drinking since 14. I never really considered my self an alcoholic. But I would drink heavily at times specially this last summer probably every weekend Friday, Saturday, at times even Sunday. I really enjoyed drinking because I would make me feel good and I always had a good time, I always made excuses to drink. Smoking wise I also started at 14 when I started high school Probably Before school, and after and many if I would ditch. At home I really would not smoke because of my mom. I only smoke when i drink or go out with friends so It wont be that hard. I want to know the best ways to avoid drinking and smoking when I am offered them. I also want to know what damage has happened to my body and what will happen as I stop drinking and smoking. BTW its my new years resolution to quit these and start hitting the gym more to be more fit by the summer time.

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Answer by MikaylaLynnn
Eating healthy and exercise would be a great motivation to stop both the drinking and smoking! Good luck.

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A: Thank you for your note. Several people have written that pancreatitis is too often assumed to be due to alcohol abuse. Gallstones are the other common cause … suggest that a woman use topical cream instead of estrogen cream. I am 59 years old …


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