Alcohol Abuse May Be Worsening Among Aborigines, Warns Gillard

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Alcohol abuse may be worsening among Aborigines, warns Gillard
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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard warned on Wednesday that “rivers of grog” were beginning to flow again in Aboriginal communities as she unveiled a mixed report on tackling indigenous disadvantage. Gillard took aim at local governments rolling …


Short film about alcohol “Grief”

A short film about friendship, drunkenness and regret. A boy comes face to face with some painful memories from the death of one of his closest friends during a night of foolish drunkenness. To everyone involved, I love you all dearly. Thank you so much for your time and effort. Song: Good Morning Kaia Artist: BT Written, directed and filmed for my media class. Drink alcohol responsibly. C. Bakri © 2011


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