Heavy Drinking Alcoholism: How Do I Convince My Boss That His “work-a-holism” Is Similar to My “alcoholism”?

Question by Spaced Frehley: how do i convince my boss that his “work-a-holism” is similar to my “alcoholism”?
Our big difference is: I don’t drink and have not in over 8 years.

His “workaholic” issue will cause him to lose his wife, his wife will take his child, he will and has already lost friends as he has none. His employees are jumping ship. His business is sinking because his employees are leaving.

He is so focused on business, like an alcoholic is to alcohol, that he disregards all those around him who don’t see it his way. An alcoholic will do the same and only seek out other heavy drinkers!

I recognize my illness ( alcoholism ) and I treat it.
my boss doesn’t and may never will.

can i do anything?

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Answer by zorathruster
Because they are not the same. One is introducing a substance into your life that you have control over. The other is a necessary obligation of a modern society.

The reason for employee departure is usually because they have better opportunities elsewhere. While the economy stinks, employers can hammer the cookies out of workers with little repercussion. Once the economy comes back, those are the first out the door.

Bad management is not the same as a dependency personality. It is merely poor strategy. If you really want to do something he can learn management techniques from programs such as the Dale Carnegie course which might be available on tapes or on line. ERM and CRM have a plethora of consultants willing to help in those particular skills he lacks.

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