A Call to Service: Become a Mentor With the Ervin Academy Mentoring and Leadership Program

A Call to Service: Become a Mentor with the Ervin Academy Mentoring and Leadership Program

Are you a business professional who is successful because of relationships fostered with mentors? Do you desire to provide the type of encouragement, support or even an occasional ‘kick in the pants’ that your mentor gave to you?  Why not become a mentor with the Ervin Academy Mentoring and Leadership Program?  The Ervin Academy, a boarding for young men between the ages of 14 and 19, located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia recently launched the Ervin Academy Mentoring and Leadership Program and is currently accepting applications for mentors.

The Ervin Academy Mentoring and Leadership Program is designed to match students with outstanding male role models and business leaders, who understand the need for male teens to have positive role models in their lives. Studies have shown that male teens that have active mentors and role models in their lives are less likely to engage in negative and destructive behavior and more likely to graduate from high school and college.

Goals of the Mentoring and Leadership Program are to:

Provide at-risk high school males with positive and consistent role models.
Increase the mentees self- esteem.
Teach mentees how to develop and maintain positive professional relationships.
Encourage mentees to make positive life choices and to avoid at-risk behavior that could hinder their potential for success.

The mentors are adult men who provide mentees with professional and emotional support, through monthly visits, attendance and participation in scholastic and extra-curricular activities and private correspondence. Mentors must possess the following characteristics:

Possess outstanding moral and ethical character.
Possess outstanding leadership qualities.
Exhibit exemplary behavior while in the presence of the mentee or when representing the Ervin Academy in social settings.
Provide two letters of reference.
Submit to a criminal background check.

Men selected as mentors are trained in gang prevention/awareness, drug and alcohol abuse/awareness, conflict resolution and CPR.  The commitment is for one calendar year and mentors must contact mentee via telephone on a weekly basis and provide eight hours of face to face support with mentee each month.

The application deadline for mentors is September 4, 2010 and mentor orientation begins September 14, 2010Prospective mentors should contact the Ervin Academy at 678-396-0639 for application information. Interested in the Ervin Academy’s history and mission? Go to the Ervin Academy website or Like the Ervin Academy on Facebook.


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