Diagnosis of Symptoms: I Need a Diagnosis/Treatment, if possible.(Relates to My Underarm).?

Question by Bryce J: I need a Diagnosis/Treatment, if possible.(Relates to my underarm).?
For several years I have noticed a sharp irritating pain in my right underarm. Nothing serious “to my knowledge” but very annoying & painful. As i felt under my arm, “have been thinking it might be tangled underarm hair” I realized it wasn’t when I felt a slight bump. I’m only a 15year old male so my medical education is slim. I went to my mother asking if she could figure out what it was. Her best guess was a clogged sweat gland. I researched it and the pictures/symptoms didn’t add up. I’m baffled and am unable to see a doctor due to lack of insurance. If anyone can help I would be much obliged to you.

Any information should be helpful, just keep in mind its something on and off, not like a sist were it goes away and you don’t usually notice any of its painful symptoms “in the same spot.”

Thanks a bunch.

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Answer by ~*~Amber~*~
it might be the deodorant you are using you might be irritating the skin there i’ve seen it happen to just one arm pit and maybe try using a different deodorant and see what happens hope this helps

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