Alcoholism and Its Effects: Red Ribbon Week: The Cocaine Road – From Colombia to Columbus

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Alcoholism And Its Effects: Red Ribbon Week: The cocaine road – from Colombia to Columbus
Though Andeans were well aware of the energizing effects, coca use elsewhere remained a curiosity, attracting little international attention until around 1860, when a German chemist extracted the alkaloid, cocaine hydrochloride.
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Alcoholism And Its Effects: Last night: Deer Tick at Stickyz
When John McCauley, during a song, kneels to the ground and picks up a beer handsfree and deep-throats it while still strumming, lose your damn mind. Yes, you too can help this man deepen his alcoholism. In fact, it seems that everyone's depending on
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Alcoholism And Its Effects: Movie Review: The Swell Season
With cameras on them almost constantly, we see not only the duo's intimate moments but their excitement for this new journey together and their growing popularity, as well as the hardships of a grueling tour and the smothering effect that fame can have
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