3 Reasons Etg Alcohol Testing Is the Preferred Method for Testing Accurate Alcohol Abuse

3 Reasons Etg Alcohol Testing is the Preferred Method for Testing Accurate Alcohol Abuse

Hair drug testing has been around longer than hair alcohol testing. Because drugs are easier to detect longer after they have been consumed verses the rapid dissipation of alcohol consumption, EtG alcohol testing is an exciting advancement in alcohol testing.
EtG Alcohol Testing Through Hair Testing

The reason it is so difficult to accurately screen potential employees or perform accurate random testing is because the rate that alcohol leaves the body in just hours and minutes makes it extremely difficult to judge how much a person has consumed and how long ago it was that the person consumed it. What else is difficult to uncover is the history someone has of alcohol abuse. With as much as an inch and a half of hair cut from the scalp of a person, a hair alcohol testing laboratory can find out what a person’s approximated consumption of alcohol has been up to a 30 day history and if the hair sample is longer, as much as a year of alcohol consumption can be tested. A series of assessments called FAEE, fatty acid ethyl esters and EtG alcohol testing are done to measure the amount of FAEE and EtG markers that are revealed in the tests. The more alcohol a person has consumed, the more markers will be present on a test. Here are three other reasons EtG alcohol testing is helping to create a more sober society.
Employee Screening for Dangerous or Highly Skilled Jobs

Every day a person with a drug or alcohol problem goes to work and operates dangerous equipment, gets behind a wheel or even operates on a patient in the medical field. The reason so many drug and alcohol abusers continue to work in highly skilled or dangerous jobs is partly due to inadequate testing of these individuals. Using hair alcohol testing with EtG alcohol testing and EtG drug testing technology, employees can be accurately screened for recent and long term drug and alcohol abuse before they are hired.
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Settings

EtG alcohol testing technology is used for tracking the progress of drug and alcohol abusers while in treatment. A hair sample taken after a person has been in treatment can show the progress of sobriety in hair markers, as well as reveal patients who have fallen off the wagon and may need alternative care.
Great Tool for Testing Students For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

High school students and junior high students begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol at an early age and parents, teachers and counselors need better tools in which to test students for drugs and alcohol abuse. Using EtG alcohol testing via hair alcohol and drug testing provides a cost effective and non-intrusive testing alternative to urine alcohol testing or saliva alcohol testing.
EtG Testing Also Helps

Social workers or lawyers trying to prove the lack of alcohol abuse of a parent trying to gain custody of their child.
Hospitals looking to hire a surgeon or an airline hiring a pilot will likely be interested in knowing the alcohol abuse history of a surgeon or pilot before they’re hired.

When it comes to advances in drug and alcohol testing technologies, there is a growing need for this its uses. And just as importantly, the need for hair alcohol testing to prove a history of alcohol abuse is just as necessary to disprove any abuse.

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