6 Top Reasons Why Couples Divorce

6 Top Reasons Why Couples Divorce

More couples are filing for divorce than ever before. Couples may ultimately decide on divorcing after attempting to salvage their marriage. The following are the most typical reasons people get divorced:


Unfaithfulness, infidelity, cheating – this is the main reason why couples divorce. A spouse may become unfaithful because of family problems and other marital issues that the family and the couple fail to resolve. Infidelity is cited as a major cause of divorces worldwide.

Communication failure

How you communicate is the key to any marriage or relationship. Couples should share a open relationship with each other and should discuss about their plans, problems and accomplishments at work and at home, their concerns, and other personal issues. This will be helpful in growing and developing stronger relationship, Communication is vital. Since the foundation grow weaker without an open line of communication the concept of union came. Since many couples feel they are becoming strangers more and more each day ,they opt for divorce. Some problems are just too big and too hard to find a resolution. They believe their lives will be happier by themselves.

Mental illness as well as abuse

Domestic violence among couples is one of the more commonly accepted reasons to file for divorce. When it comes to divorce, a number of different kinds of abuse can be the grounds. These include physical, emotional, psychological, and even sexual abuse. Many times a persons true colors won’t show until stress arrives on the scene. Some spouses, most often husbands, show abusive behavior that violates human rights. Some of these partners are actually mentally ill or unstable. For instance, some husbands are physically and/or sexually abusive to their wives and children, while others embarrass their wives in public.


A sacred relationship can be saved in your marriage when you take a lot of humility. To end continuous fighting between spouses they both must learn to let their feelings known without losing control, and learn when it’s time to remain humble and submissive. Marriages in which both spouses always want control or to be dominant over the other will likely end in divorce.

Differences in personality

Personality differences are a known reason for divorces. One may find the other’s personality too much to handle. He or she may be too lazy to work for the welfare of the family or may not care about the kids when it comes to educating and rearing them. The husband might be too dominating, while the wife is too submissive, creating a household that is unsuitable for raising children.

Differences in goals and views

Couples also need to share the same goals and same plans to make relationships last. Spouses need to reconcile differences in goals and opinions in order to stay strong and have a fruitful future ahead. Married people seek a legal dissolution of their union when differences cannot be bridged anymore. Some divisive issues include work, in-laws, child-rearing and even religion.

Other reasons for divorce include abandonment, financial issues, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, intellectual incompatibility, and criminal acts. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a divorce lawyer in your area, no matter whatever your marital problems are. You may find one by browsing your local directory. You may also search the Internet by keying in “Divorce Attorney Bloomfield” if you are from Bloomfield, for instance.

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