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Signs and Symptoms of Malnutrition: 'The World Sees India as a Country Without a Government'

Signs And Symptoms Of Malnutrition in the News

'The world sees India as a country without a government'
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Now, if we have 45 percent malnutrition among children, surely the price of milk, more even than the price of grain, is something that should worry us. But milk price inflation has run ahead even of food price inflation. The reason is that with the …


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Autism Signs and Symptoms

Autism Signs and Symptoms

“Autism signs and symptoms can sound abstract on the page, but this video illustrates things like lining up toys, stacking blocks, rocking head back and forth, and other repetitive behaviors as it catches a little boy named Kevin in the act. Watch it to compare Kevin’s behavior to your own child’s … or just to fall in love with this curly-headed cutie.” Terri Mauro Guide to Parenting Special Needs The images from the video would help ilustrate some basic concepts that are key for the early identification of children with autism. World Autism Awareness Day http Red Flags that Parents Should Note: * does not respond to his/her name. * cannot explain what he/she wants. * language skills are slow to develop or speech is delayed. * doesn’t follow directions. * at times, seems to be deaf. * doesn’t point or wave “bye-bye.” * used to say a few words or babble, but now doesn’t. * throws intense or violent tantrums. * has odd movement patterns. * is overly active, uncooperative, or resistant. * doesn’t know how to play with toys. * doesn’t smile when smiled at. * has poor eye contact. * gets “stuck” doing the same things over and over and can’t move on to other things. * seems to prefer to play alone. * gets things for him/herself only. * is very independent for his/her age. * does things “early” compared to other children. * seems to be in his/her “own world.” * seems to tune people out. * is not interested in other children. * walks on his/her toes

Stress Signs Symptoms: Teen Girls' Medical Mystery Baffles Doctors

Stress Signs Symptoms in the News

Teen girls' medical mystery baffles doctors
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The girls did not say what diagnosis they have been given, only that doctors have told them the onset of their symptoms was stress-related. Sanchez, a 17-year-old senior and former cheerleader, displayed uncontrollable movements and verbal tics during …


Rape Victims Who Avoid Coping Benefit From EMDR
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Nearly one in 12 women who suffer with posttraumatic stress do so as a result of being raped. Although many therapies have been shown to help reduce the symptoms of rape-related PTSD, including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and …


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Symptoms to Diagnosis: Excessive Nosebleeds for 15 Yr Old Girl?

Question by : Excessive nosebleeds for 15 yr old girl?
It’s common knowledge to doctors that I have something wrong with me. It is unidentifyable and I have to go see a communicable disease specialist. It’s been going on for years, but my last battle with this “mystery diagnosis” has been going on nearly a month and one symptom is my nose is bleeding like, out of control! what are some causes of nose bleeding??

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Answer by Tyrone
Just move on. Forget about your abusive boyfriend and move on, srsly.

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UC Student Diagnosed With Bacterial Meningitis
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said symptoms of meningitis including high fever, headache and a stiff neck that develops over several hours or a period of one to two days. Other symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, discomfort looking …

Diagnose Disease Symptoms: A Clinical Practice Guideline Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Stable

Diagnose Disease Symptoms in the News

A Clinical Practice Guideline Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Stable
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… guidelines (1) on the diagnosis and management of stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This recommendation states, “Spirometry should not be used to screen for airflow obstruction in individuals without respiratory symptoms” (1). …


Spinal tap may predict Alzheimer's years ahead
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"The way we diagnose Alzheimer's disease is by evaluating the behavior and the risk factor medical profile, not by looking at biological markers at this point." As scientists gain more insight into predicting Alzheimer's, aging adults may struggle with …


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Withdrawal Symptoms From Alcohol: In Good Spirits: Hangover Cures for What Ails

Withdrawal Symptoms From Alcohol in the News

In Good Spirits: Hangover cures for what ails
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The vodka helps ease withdrawal symptoms while the juice quenches that raging thirst and the spices settle the stomach. At the Glowbal Group's new steak house, Black+Blue, beverage manager Chris Ballas adds a few delicious twists of his own.


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Alcoholics also become physically dependent on alcohol. When they stop drinking after a period of heavy alcohol use, they suffer unpleasant physical ailments, known as withdrawal symptoms that include nausea; sweating, shakiness, and anxiety (see Drug …


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