Always Craving Alcohol, but I Don’t Drink.?

Question by Kaylan: Always craving alcohol, but I don’t drink.?
I rarely drink, late time I did was about 8 months ago, I’ve had a glass rum and coke once and a bottle of Smirnoff 8 months ago, and a few sips of beer here and there but not the point to where I was drunk…

For the longest time I’ve been craving alcohol, and it’s so hard to avoid it, I don’t know how to get it because I’m underage, I know if I ask my sister she would say no, same with my parents, Why do I crave it? I’m scared that when I become legal, which isn’t that far away, 2 years I will be boozing it up every night. ;s

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Answer by Tsunami
there are some kids prone to it and you sound like one. yep, and if you are smart you will stay away from it cause it does consume those people that can’t quit and you maybe the one to have to be careful i had two sons that are having hard time with it and its horrible take care.

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