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Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse: Discussing Alcohol, Drug Use, and Recovery With Nicole and Palm Partners, Part 1.wmv

Discussing Alcohol, Drug Use, and Recovery with Nicole and Palm Partners, Part 1.wmv

This video features insight into Palm Partners Treatment Center in Delray Beach Florida It was produced by Mark Harrigan, © 2011 Palm Partners. Palm Partners fundamental goal is to assist the clients during their treatment. From the detoxification process from drug addiction and alcohol addiction, to the coordination of the Client Education and Program Directives, to lectures on the topic of Addiction and Recovery, the qualified staff at Palm Partners is dedicated to the recovery of those in their care. Our experience and interaction with our clients is critical in helping them deal with their addiction and achieve long term sobriety. Recovering addicts can be very driven and it is vitally important to equip them with the tools they will need to achieve long term sobriety. As their circumstances will likely be the same when they return home, it is critical that they have the tools that our Program gives them and the emotional “muscle” to avoid the temptation to use drugs or alcohol when they are confronted with a difficult situation. Our staff will also assist the individual in taking advantage of programs that will benefit them when they return home, like continuing education programs. Palm Partners has been helping clients beat their addictions for over 15 years and is credit to the outstanding staff at Palm Partners, who work tirelessly for the benefit of those in their care. At Palm Partners, it is common practice to give the clients the tools they

Drug and Alcohol Course: Course on Drug and Alcohol for Supervisors or Employees

Drug and Alcohol Course: Course on Drug and Alcohol for Supervisors or Employees – A drug and alcohol course wont be of much value to your audience if it does not help them think about their own alcohol and drug use, a person’s drug and alcohol use that they know very well, or their family experiences that have shaped their opinions and deeply engrained beliefs about what alcoholism and drug addiction really is. Here is information from this course that gives you a small sample of the “to the point” and “tell it like it is” style of the narrator and author’s choice of content. Alcohol or drug addicts with job problems who are in denial about their addiction are often convinced that other problems cause their job performance shortcomings. Note what kind of impact this statement has you. Pretend you are in the drug and alcohol course yourself. … Such employees are able to convince the supervisor that these other problems are primary. This is the first step toward prolonged toleration of performance problems by supervisors. They become convinced they understand the employee’s problems and begin to accommodate tolerate these problems as they grow worse. (Spouses of alcoholics do the same thing.) Denial is a defense mechanism that works hand-in-hand with myths and misconceptions about addiction. Denial is used to avoid awareness and is reinforced by others who are willing to participate in it. By the time an employee’s alcohol or drug problem affects the work situation, he or she usually knows there is a fuzzy relationship between life’s

Symptoms of Alcoholism: Rehab Tampa Florida Drug Rehab Center Tampa Top Rated -Call for Help: 843-669-6088

Rehab Tampa Florida Drug Rehab Center Tampa Top Rated -Call For Help: 843-669-6088 Drug Rehab Tampa Florida Drug Rehab Center Tampa Rehab Alcoholism A Deadly Disease and the Solution Written By: Rome B. Alcoholism is a terrible disease of addiction. Apart from the physical dependence on alcohol, there are other psychological, genetic and social factors that may play a role in the development of alcoholism. Symptoms of alcoholism include intense cravings for alcohol, incapacity to control one’s drinking, increased tolerance to its effects, and withdrawal symptoms during the periods of abstinence. In addition, many social, safety, and economic concerns can be attributed to this serious illness. For example, the frequency of divorce, suicide, and abuse is significantly higher in families where one or more suffer from this disease. One should know . . . many alcoholics deny having a problem at all. In such instances an intervention may be necessary in order to help them start treatment. However, the best method of intervention is sometimes as simple as another alcoholic sharing their own story and how they found recovery. This keeps the ego out of the discussion, which lessens the chances of one becoming defensive — something that is likely among those who are true alcoholics. Treatment in cases of alcoholism usually include detoxification, counseling and most successfully the time-tested and proven 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. One must never confuse the fellowship and meetings of recovery with the 12 Step program of recovery

Signs of Alcohol Abuse: New Drug Could Help Curb Crime

Signs Of Alcohol Abuse in the News

New drug could help curb crime
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In doing so it makes it tougher or impossible for people to “get high” from opiates and also makes it less pleasurable to drink alcohol. People who use Vivitrol, therefore, are making a biochemical commitment to block their own reward pathways for …


Does Depression Influence Abstinence in Young Adults With Chemical Dependence?
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Abstinence self-efficacy (ASE) is one's ability to abstain from alcohol or drug use and is a strong indicator of how an individual will respond to treatment. Although there are many factors that influence ASE, symptoms of major depressive disorder …


Substance Abuse : How to Tell if Someone Is an Alcoholic

Addiction Signs and Symptoms: Drug Addiction : How to Spot a Meth Addict

Drug Addiction : How to Spot a Meth Addict

Spotting a meth addict can typically be done by noticing telltale signs such as missing teeth, acne breakouts and picking at the skin. Discover how to spot a meth addict with tips from a practicing psychiatrist in this free video on drug addiction. Expert: Dr George Northrup Contact: Bio: Dr. George Northrup earned his medical degree at The University of South Florida in Tampa and completed his psychiatry residency at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Drug addiction is a life threatening illness, but these tips can help save someone’s life. Become aware of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction with help from a practicing psychiatrist in this free video series on drug addiction.


Alkermes Initiates Open-Label Pilot Study of VIVITROL(R) to Evaluate Impact on
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Signs of Alcoholism: Children and Drug Abuse: Part One

Signs Of Alcoholism in the News

Children and drug abuse: part one
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Nine out of 10 of today's 2.9 million New York state adult addicts and alcoholics say they started using before the age of 18. So says the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. So what's a parent to do? First off, it's been my experience …


Rising unemployment puts Cameron's work programme in the spotlight
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"Yes, if you pull the stops out, they will be taking people on," Amanda tells her, and she agrees to sign up. Nationally, there have been reports of people doing unpaid work experience in large supermarkets, in a way that sounds potentially …


Olmsted County to Step Up DWI Enforcement
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