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Alcohol Top Reason for Treatment

Alcohol top reason for treatment

New research shows alcohol outstrips all other drugs, as a reason for people seeking treatment in rehab. See more at


Despite Obamacare promises, little help for substance abuse patients
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The nation's health law has promised sweeping changes to help millions of people with drug or alcohol addiction get treatment. Many unable to afford services in the past now can receive them without first landing in jail or an emergency room, health …


ACA Brings Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment to Millions
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While the ACA now requires insurers selling plans on the online exchanges to offer substance abuse treatment and “mental health parity,” these changes may not translate into effective or immediate help for everyone. But the experts interviewed for this …

I’ve Been Called One, and I’m Curious. Is Alcoholism Real?

Question by : I’ve been called one, and i’m curious. Is alcoholism real?
Hi, i drink yeah, and i’ve drunk quite a lot before writing this, but i always here alcoholism is just a made up problem. Whenever i have a little alcohol i need to drink pretty much til i pass out, and i actually crave it, i didn’t know craving alcohol was even possible but i do crave it. i can last maybe 2 days without drinking but then i just cannot mentally or physically function without it, i believe it’s real but feel like i’m a weakling saying the reason i drink is cause of an “addiction”. So what are your thoughts?
thanks, yeah i just don’t know, cause it is one of those addictions that gets called a “false addiction”. what should i do?
“i’m right your wrong” thank you! and actually thank you to everyone who replied, you’ve all been helpful, i just don’t know how to define what i supposedly have, but in fact you’ve all commented me with helpful advice :) i’m going to look into this
thanks chimom. i’m so happy that the people commenting actually are real commenters an not trolls. i’ve probably dissapointed you all by drinking heaps more whilst you’ve replied. dammit i feel stupid

Alcoholism: ‘Growing Pains’ Star Reveals Past Battle With Alcoholism – ABC News

‘Growing Pains’ Star Reveals Past Battle With Alcoholism – ABC News
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ABC News

'Growing Pains' Star Reveals Past Battle With Alcoholism
ABC News
"Growing Pains" star Jeremy Miller was like many actors who hit it big at a young age and succumbed to the temptations of alcohol and underage partying. "I'm glad I did not own a gun, because I hated myself so thoroughly that I would have done
Jeremy Miller Discusses Battle with AlcoholismPeople Magazine
Growing Pains star reveals past battle with
Jeremy Miller Alcohol Addiction Nearly Cost 'Growing Pains' Star EverythingChristian Post

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Alcoholism: The Not-So-Funny Equal Opportunist – Huffington Post (blog)
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Alcoholism: The Not-So-Funny Equal Opportunist
Huffington Post (blog)
Chill out? You want me to chill out… relax… don't take it so seriously. You don't see the big deal? Well, I hope that drugs and alcohol never affect your life or the life of someone you love like they have affected mine and my family, not to

Support for Alcoholics: How Many Alcoholics Do Actually Recover From Alcoholism Permanently?

Question by Philip: how many alcoholics do actually recover from alcoholism permanently?

Best answer:

Answer by b2boyer
Not one. There is no cure, only abstanince.

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Alcoholics Anonymous: One size does not fit all
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In the 25 years I have been personally and professional exposed to a-hole disease of alcohol addiction and the culture of alcohol addictions theory about cause, recovery and treatment, I've longed to find answers to help and support the people I work …


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Alcohol Abuse: Legal Marijuana Challenges Drug Abuse Awareness

Legal marijuana challenges drug abuse awareness
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April is Alcohol Awareness Month—a key time for all Islanders to work towards reducing the stigma around seeking help for alcohol abuse. Alcohol addiction can affect both youth and adults and is a treatable disease.


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Alcohol Addiction Symptoms: How to Quit Drinking and Smoking at a Young Age and What Will Happen to My Body?

Question by y2j: How to quit drinking and smoking at a young age and what will happen to my body?
OK I am 17 years old, and have been drinking since 14. I never really considered my self an alcoholic. But I would drink heavily at times specially this last summer probably every weekend Friday, Saturday, at times even Sunday. I really enjoyed drinking because I would make me feel good and I always had a good time, I always made excuses to drink. Smoking wise I also started at 14 when I started high school Probably Before school, and after and many if I would ditch. At home I really would not smoke because of my mom. I only smoke when i drink or go out with friends so It wont be that hard. I want to know the best ways to avoid drinking and smoking when I am offered them. I also want to know what damage has happened to my body and what will happen as I stop drinking and smoking. BTW its my new years resolution to quit these and start hitting the gym more to be more fit by the summer time.