I’ve Been Called One, and I’m Curious. Is Alcoholism Real?

Question by : I’ve been called one, and i’m curious. Is alcoholism real?
Hi, i drink yeah, and i’ve drunk quite a lot before writing this, but i always here alcoholism is just a made up problem. Whenever i have a little alcohol i need to drink pretty much til i pass out, and i actually crave it, i didn’t know craving alcohol was even possible but i do crave it. i can last maybe 2 days without drinking but then i just cannot mentally or physically function without it, i believe it’s real but feel like i’m a weakling saying the reason i drink is cause of an “addiction”. So what are your thoughts?
thanks, yeah i just don’t know, cause it is one of those addictions that gets called a “false addiction”. what should i do?
“i’m right your wrong” thank you! and actually thank you to everyone who replied, you’ve all been helpful, i just don’t know how to define what i supposedly have, but in fact you’ve all commented me with helpful advice :) i’m going to look into this
thanks chimom. i’m so happy that the people commenting actually are real commenters an not trolls. i’ve probably dissapointed you all by drinking heaps more whilst you’ve replied. dammit i feel stupid

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Answer by harry
Addiction to anything is possible. I was addicted to cutting mow im addicted to biting my nails

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