Acoholism and Depression Go Hand in Hand

Acoholism and Depression go hand in hand

Alcoholism has gradually become one of the major talking points in the world today. It is drunk all around the world in enormous quantities and there is no hint of its popularity going down. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis is an integral part of the schedule of many people, it is alright when it is served in moderation but when a person starts drinking large amount of alcohol on a regular basis, and it will result in a lot of health problems well as social awkwardness. In most of the cases, regular drinks say that they take to alcohol just because of the fact that it relieves them from the pain they experienced in their life.

The relation between alcohol and depression
Depression is one of the most common three conditions in the world and is experienced by an individual for more than once in his lifetime. However, very few people are found with the ability to cope up with depression. On the other hand, consuming alcohol livens up the person’s mood and also makes him feel better temporarily. Also, alcohol induces the much needed sleep in people suffering from depression. Hence, most of them depend on alcohol to overcome depression. However, most of the people are not aware that our body very quickly develops tolerance level for alcohol. This makes the person drink more amount of alcohol and the end result is that the person becomes addicted to alcohol. These are the side effects of depression on alcohol.

On the other hand, alcohol is also said to have a depressing effect on a person. This may seem contradictory but people consuming large amounts of alcohol suffer from bouts of depression and loss of self control. Hence, it is observed that alcohol and depression problems go hand in hand which can lead to serious consequences. For once, a depressed and an alcoholic individuals lack inhibition of any kind and do any sort of dangerous thing without even knowing it. Secondly, depression often leads to suicidal thoughts which people are not able to control once they are in the influence of alcohol. Several social as well as work related and also financial problems are caused if the provider of the family becomes addicted to alcohol.

Treatment for alcohol addiction due to depression
Alcohol and depression symptoms include losing appetite, sleep problems and the apparent absence of energy. To begin with it is inexplicably hard to find out whether the person is suffering from depression due to alcohol or not. However, if he feels guilty about the fact that he drank on the next day, or tends to get into alcohol abuse when he is extremely depressed or stressed; he is suffering from an acute bout of depression due to alcohol. It is imperative that this condition should be treated as soon as possible or else it could lead to a lot of complications in the body which has the ability to destroy the life of a family.  There are various ways to treat both, alcohol abuse and depression.

A person should realize that it is futile to have this poisonous drink and it will only cause more problems than it will solve. He has to give priority to his family over this drink. The best way to quit drinking is by counseling, ensure that the addict gets a good counselor as that will do wonders to get him out of his bad condition. Depression happens to everyone, you just have to strong enough to fight it. Grit and determination are two weapons that will help you in any situation. Hope this article was helpful in telling you what you needed to know.

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