Living With an Alcoholic?

Are you living with an Alcoholic? Or do you know someone that is? Okay so it can be hell if you are, but just remember this is an addiction and like other addictions it can be treated, yet the path to recovery is not easy, it will not always go well and there will be set backs. Sometimes these setbacks will be minor sometimes they will be very hard.

I will pull no punches, living with an Alcoholic can be hell, even if you drink yourself. One minute the person can be fine and just a bit “Merry” and then they suddenly “Switch” into some sub-human monster, often smashing things and sometimes people up along the way.

In the morning the next day they can often awake with no knowledge of the previous night or day and the carnage they have caused. Yet when highlighted to them the remorse they suffer is most genuine indeed. It is at this stage that they need the most help. They do not need you beating the up with verbal comments, as with the slow recollection of the damage they have caused, nobody will beat them up mentally more than themselves.

Sure tell them off for what an idiot they were the day before, but then ask why they got so drunk, it could be trigger point such as a bad day working with some one they hate brought it on. You need to work with them to get to the root cause of the drinking. Often when living with an Alcoholic you will find they have several really good days followed by several really bad ones. This often due to the fact they feel they have let you down by suddenly having a drinking binge one day, the problem is the guilt and then the depression kick in resulting in another few days of prolonged drinking, almost drinking to hide away from the shame and guilt they feel.

Living with an Alcoholic will never be easy for anyone, and many people walk away, for those that stay with the person and help them to a better life then the sense of reward you get by getting back the person you first met with is immeasurable.

But trust me on one thing, Alcoholism can be beaten but people can rarely do it on their own, as often willpower alone is just not enough. For more a good ways to get off of alcohol visit my link below – And no it does not involve AA in any way. Take some action and try the link today.

So if you are living with someone who has a problem with Alcohol or you have a problem with Alcohol then visit my link for advice on Stopping Drinking []. Being an Alcoholic or being dependent on Alcohol can have a devastating effect on your life so visit us for help on Stopping Drinking [] before it is too late.

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