How Do You Know Your an Alcoholic: How Can I Get My Friend to Go Back the Way She Was?

Question by Apathy: how can i get my friend to go back the way she was?
one of my good friends has been pushing all her friends away, she’s one of those girls that loves attention. before i knew how to choose my words carefully to talk around it. but now it’s ridiculous.

i’ve known her for a few years now, we could tell each other anything and she has never hinted towards what she is pulling now.
she used to pull little things for attention. at first she would say stuff like “oh i drank 2 bottles of wine last night. yeah i’m such an alcoholic”. we live in Eugene, OR.. everyone here binge drinks. even when she does drink she usually gets smashed off a few glasses. i think she would die if she tried to drink 2 bottles. i don’t know if some of my real alcoholic friends could finish 2 bottles.
then it was “i haven’t slept in 3 days and i’m hallucinating” even though you don’t hallucinate until 5+ days of sleep deprivation.
when that didn’t work she claimed to get high off pills.. i tried one when she was out of the room and it was just over the counter vitamin C pills. she would fill them in a old oxycotton bottle.

when she didn’t get the attention from that she turned to cutting, but don’t worry she didn’t actually cut herself. she showed me her “cuts” and they were paper cuts, but she would come into work with gauze wrapped around it so people would ask her what happened. after awhile people saw she was faking it, and now she’s pulling something drastic. she claims she wants to be a male, but i’ve had plenty of conversations with her telling me why she would rather be a female than a male. she claims to be taking hormones but i know they won’t just give you that kind of stuff over the counter.

she used to be a really cool girl to hang out with, but then she developed a narcissistic personality. she only talks about herself, if you talk about anything that isn’t about or involves her then she gets pissed and changes it right back. she doesn’t hear what others have to say anymore. she just waits for you to finish your sentence, laughs, and then starts another with “so, i stayed at the bar until closing and then drank some more at a friends house”

it’s really getting old, she has already lost almost all of her friends because of these acts for attention. i’m really the only person left that still talks to her. i tried talking to her about it, but she says i’m just jealous. if all of this wasn’t an act then i’d accept her for who she is. i’ve given her plenty of chances and still willing to, but i’m ready to break off our friendship.

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Honestly, people like her need to learn their lesson the hard way. If she thinks you’ll still stick around regardless, she’s wrong. Once you leave her too, perhaps then she’ll finally realize how immature and selfish she was being.

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