Abortion and Behavioral Outcomes

Abortion and Behavioral Outcomes

The reasons why a woman has an abortion are not always the same. Some women seek abortion due to health reasons, others due to financial reasons, while there are those who cite emotional and mental immaturity as the reason for wanting to terminate their pregnancy. Whatever the reasons, this action is never without its inherent behavioral outcomes after the abortion has been completed. Let us explore the many different outcomes of such an action.

What Happens to a Woman Who Has Had an Abortion?

There are many different things that happen to many different women who have had an abortion and the following are some of the things they experience or go through:

1.Women have anĀ  abortion sometimes succumb to self-destructive behavior. Women who have had an abortion sometimes suffer from certain feelings of guilt, sadness, and loss and they try to assuage these feelings by doing things to try to help them cope. Included in the list of self-destructive actions are alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and even self-mutilation. There are also women who attempt to commit suicide due to the guilt they might feel with the abortion or the loss of the baby. Other women also succumb to having repeat abortions after doing the first one, usually due to feelings of guilt that they had to lose the first one.

2.Women sometimes have difficulty with motherhood once they have children after having had an abortion. There are women who find it difficult to bond with the children they do have after they have had a previous abortion. This may be due to feelings of guilt for the loss of the previous child. Other women even end up abusing their children or abandoning them due to the feelings they have regarding the abortion that they had.

3.Women in relationships find that these relationships deteriorate after the abortion. This may be due to the fact that they feel inadequate or guilty for having to lose the child. Some women lose their sex drive or suffer from sexual dysfunction after an abortion. Sometimes this is aggravated by their partners who may feel that they have been cheated out of fatherhood should they find out that their partner had an abortion without consulting them about it.

Women who have had abortions clearly need to seek help to restoreĀ  balance in their lives and to help release them from the guilt they might feel from their actions. Some women become repeat abortionists due to the emotional and mental distress they suffer after this act. Others suffer depression and feel angry as well as betrayed when they are asked to have a baby aborted and these women usually end up having dysfunctional relationships or difficulty learning to trust other people after an abortion. Abortion is not only something that happens physically. It is also something that can alter the mental and emotional state of the woman as she goes through it.

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