Q&A: Why Does My Upper Body Feel Like It’s on Fire Inside?

Question by whoknows: Why does my upper body feel like it’s on fire inside?
Six days ago this ordeal started….I was sitting on the couch watching tv and all of a sudden my vision got weird (looked like a heavy fog was in the room) of course I freaked out! My chest, stomach, throat, and arms started burning like they were on fire inside… I pleaded with the people in my household to get me help (If i ask for help they know something’s up because I usually just keep to myself). 12 minutes later the ambulance showed up, but I thought I was going to die…I was telling people that I loved them and everything. They did EKG in the ambulance and at the hospital, chest x-ray, and blood test. Said everything was fine…the ambulance guy called my vitals in and said i was tachacardic or something…. They released me (I have no insurance) said my blood pressure was low and to go home and lay flat for a few days….also said the diaganosis was “syncope” which i never fainted…..but anyways I slept for 2 days before having my family take me to another hospital…the got records from first hospital and said everything looked fine…then he ran 2 tests they didn’t…which was a gallbladder and liver blood test….then he said my tests were abnormal and to go home and schedule an appointment with my pcp to have an outpatient gallbladder ultrasound done…. this guy also gives me a script for prevacid 40mg per day and phenergan 25mg as needed…. so my doctor gets me in 2 days later and says he doesn’t think it’s my GallBladder…says the blood results from the hospital show my liver numbers were abnormal…but he will schedule a GB ultrasound if it will make me feel better…..then he prescribes me a medication for high bloodpressure because my numbers where high when I seen him (which they only tested once and I was nervous)…SO I have 3 different “diagnosis” and NOT A CLUE as to what is going on. I am still having these problems and they are scaring me BADLY…I have a 5 year old son I need to be here for…..anyone have any idea what might be going on with me? My ultrasound isn’t for 2 months (gotta love the un-insured life).

So let me list all my symptoms and give some demographics:

26yr old female


3 heart valves regurgitate


only meds started a few days ago (prilosec and phenergan)

– Intense Burning in my throat, chest, stomach, arms, and back (between shoulder blades)

– Nausea

– Fatigue

– Metal taste in back of throat

– Vision getting foggy (but has only happend the first few days)

– The feeling like I can’t breathe

– NO pain just VERY INTENSE burning

– Stools are a yellowish color and diarehea

– Headaches (could be to caffeene withdrawl)

– I’m okay for the most part if I DON’T eat anything.


1- I’ve checked my BP a few times and it’s been low like 98/62 so should I take the meds the doc gave me for high blood pressure anyway? I really don’t want to flatline when it takes the EMT’s an average of 12-14 mins to get to my house and they got lost taking me to the hospital the first time!

2- ANY clue as to what this could be?

3- If i have this GB ultrasound and they say my GB is bad….what are the odds of getting the operation to remove it if I don’t have insurance? Or is this one of those things where they have to do it?


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Answer by nirvana
okay you seem to have a long history ,sorry about that!
Did you ever show to a GASTROENTERLOGIST?
he would probably subject you to an UPPER GI ENDOSCOPY to rule out acid peptic disease or excessive production of acid in the tummy that causes loads of burning in the chest ,suppose you are carrying some ulcers in the tummy will also make you go through all these problems.
all the best

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